Property Specialist


Creative and award-winning professional who offers superb design abilities, decision-making skills, judgment demonstrated when working under high pressure.  Utilizes innovative techniques and solid management acumen.  Extremely focused and motivated to achieve in competitive, fast-paced professional settings.


Property Specialist

United Country Red Hills Realty & Auction, Coldwater, KS

2019 to Present

Assists buyers and sellers in all aspects of real estate and auction services.  Jon is able to draw on years of professional business experience and rural family farm background to help people from all walks of life achieve their goals.  He is able to think outside the box to create marketing programs to reach the 95% of buyers that never search beyond the Top 10 websites in world when searching for real estate.  He can create an in-depth Google searchable webpage for each and every listed property.  He also employs cutting edge social media marketing tools to more broadly expose client’s properties that can any of his competitors.  Reach out to Jon and let him help you “Find Your Freedom”. 

Owner / Commercial Interior Designer / Consultant

Cronin Designs, Dodge, City, KS

1967 to Present

Effectively designs and develops new materials for the Commercial Design Industry, closely collaborates with clients to determine their individual design needs by exploring all vtiable and available options.  Conducts extensive and continuous research to locate new products and processes to deliver the best value while ensuring high quality workmanship.  Understands the need in corporate America for exciting, quality workplace environments; proven ability to meet high pressure timelines while saving clients sizeable dollars.


  • After years of research with expanded polystyrene in design applications, developed an effective beam bracket application system without the need for supplemental carpentry supports, which makes onsite o quick and flexible while reducing contractor costs.
  • Successfully served as the main designer for the Ford County Government Center Renovation Project; which included a five story, 68,000 square feet, 1920s era hotel into functional offices.  This resulted in the creation of a showcase for the citizens of the region.  Developed decorating plans for the projects based on original color schemes and assimilated existing furniture and materials along with cutting edge architectural accents in the restoration of this facility on the Federal Registry of Historical Buildings, A facility that will stand for ages at a cost of one third the cost of new construction. 
  • Delivered dynamic, professional design work for Development Associates, Inc. over an eight year time period; effectively utilized superb creative design skills for a broad spectrum of commercial project designs, while ensure projects were complete on time and with budge limitations.
  • Serve as an Adjunct Professor of Art for the Fort Hays State University, Located in Hays, Kansas; effectively facilitates courses in art and design while delivering a compelling, innovative curriculum.

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“Cronin is sensitive to the needs of individuals and through his creativity provides for their comfort and enjoyment of their living and working environment. Whatever the job situation is, he does his research in-depth before arriving at a solution to the problem at hand.”

- John C. Thorns, Jr.

“Your contribution in this role will significantly assist the university in fulfilling its mission of service to western Kansas and the state.”

- Larry Gould, Fort Hays State University

“Jon was able to secure far more materials at a better quality and price than the original plan projections. We especially appreciated his willingness to suggest ideas and incorporate existing furniture and materials into his new architectural accents… Based on his efforts and the success that we experienced, I would recommend without hesitation Jon Cronin as a design consultant for any major renovation project.”

- Dee McKee, Ford County Commissioner, Dodge City, Kansas